Coronavirus – A detailed information and Updates


Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) is a newfound viral infection in 2019. It is believed to have originated from Wuhan city, China. It is an irresistible ailment because of MERS ( Middle East respiratory disorder).

COVID 19 spreads from beads of spit or release from the nose. So it’s necessary to utilize tissue when sniffling openly to abstain from spreading.

Till date no specific vaccine for COVID 19. Many ongoing clinical tests are in the try for the best to prevent these diseases.

People may fall sick for 1 to 2 weeks with this virus before developing the symptoms. People with older age / low immune power or with other medical conditions can be seriously ill with this virus and sometimes can prove fatal. Most people recover from this without any medical treatment.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Research is still going on to know full details of this virus nature. Millions of people are affected by this virus and the number is rising day by day. 

Health care professions and researchers found some symptoms that indicate an individual is affected. 

Symptoms are stated below :-

  1. High fever
  2. Dry cough
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Body and headache
  5. Throat irritation
  6. Nose Irritation
  7. Fatigue

Update –

With time covid-19 has come with few new symptoms that are being observed in patients. Health care professionals are worried about this virus as this is triggering new symptoms in humans with time.

New symptoms are – 

  1. Hair loss
  2. Various skin issues
  3. Eye irritation
  4. Too much weight loss suddenly
  5. Hiccough 
  6. Vomiting 
  7. Abdominal pain


There is no specific treatment for this virus but you can still take care of yourself at home .

  1.  Drink plenty of liquids
  2.  Take citrus fruits
  3.  Avoid smoking
  4.  Rest and sleep
  5.  keep warm
  6.  Keep yourself clean

Above mentioned methods are general recommendations from health care professions that you must practice everyday as a preventive method at home .

 If the condition gets much worse, then  you will definity need medical supervision for treatment. 

As you know there is no specific medicine or antibiotics till now, you will be provided with supportive care. 

The medical recommendations are same for children and adults. You will be provided with foods with high calorie content and have plenty of water. You will also be provided with oxygen therapy. 

As there is no medicine the common antibiotics are being used for treatment, the same that are being used for treatment of fever and viral diseases.

Prevention from coronavirus

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
  1. Wash hands regularly
  2. Use sanitizer
  3. Use Handkerchief
  4. Stay at home
  5. Keep safe distance while talking
  6. Maintain Social Distance

Effect of Coronavirus on your Mental Health

This new coronavirus is spreading insanely and affecting a large population all over the world. There is no effective medicine still now and health workers are struggling hard to protect us from this deadly virus. 

Government of many countries has declared a lockdown period for controlling the spread of the virus and keeping us safe. This pandemic situation is causing depression, stress and anxiety which is not good for our mental health.

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
Take care of your mental health

At the starting of lockdown we all felt restful and happy to get relief from busy work schedules but as the time passes by we all are feeling like prisoners in our own home as we can’t go out in this pandemic period and meet with our closed ones.

Dealing with your mental Health
  • Make a work schedule – As you are at home all day doing nothing will make you bored and restless. 

To deal with this kind of stuff prepare a schedule for you, so that you can keep yourself busy. 

If you are working from home that’s good after you finish your task and involve yourself in some household activities.

  • Entertainment – Listen to music that will make you feel relaxed, spend quality time with your family members, play some indoor games with children. 

You can also spend your time watching your favorite shows and movies on the internet like amazon prime or Netflix

You can also involve yourself in some of your old hobbies that you used to do a few years back and now for your busy schedule can’t do it.

  • Eat healthy stuff – Always eat healthy foods and drinks as you know foods are the main part that are also responsible for your emotional health. 

Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks that will harm your emotional stage especially in this lockdown period.

  • Exercise – Do some home workout daily for about 30 to 45 mins. Don’t skip your workouts. As you are sitting all day in your home it can lead to fat accumulation and obesity problems. 

Doing a regular workout will keep you fit and healthy. It also promotes blood circulation and also helps in secretion of happy hormones in our body such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins.

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
Spend time with your family

What not to do to manage mental health this pandemic ?

  1. Avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks and fast foods.
  2. If anyone of your neighbor or relative is affected with covid-19 don’t make him/her feel like outsiders. 

This time they need our love and care, if there is someone, talk to them, motivate them to fight with the situation and take care of their health.

Emotional issues of most of the affected individuals

  1. They feel isolated from others for long time 
  2. They develop a fear in themselves of spreading the infection to the loved ones
  3. They spread misinformation that the infected can spread the infection even if they have fully cured it so there is  fear of not being accepted by the community.

How can you recognize the mental health problem ?

In this pandemic situation most of us will go through some emotional health problems. Some of the symptoms are mentioned below.

  1. Sleep problems ( Insomnia)
  2. Change in sleep – wake timing
  3. Increased intake of tobacco and alcohol
  4. Worsening health condition

Take extra care of your closed ones if you see these symptoms. This pandemic situation has changed a lot of things around us. Remember you are not alone in this situation, the whole world is with you.

Disinfecting your groceries products during this pandemic

As you know there is a lockdown period going on in most of the countries to maintain the social distance and stop the spreading. But what about the eatables that you buy from the market every day?

As you know, viruses can live, grow and multiply inside the living body but they can also remain alive on non-living things for about a couple of days ( 24 to 72 hours ).

How virus can viruses come with the things that you buy from the market ?

1. Due to this pandemic situation you are not going to market and you are ordering foods online. These foods come to you packed with aluminium foil, plastics or paper.

2. you are going to market where fruits, vegetables and other eatables are kept in open space many people have touched those things and if any one of them is infected then the virus trace can be found on those foods and if you finally buy those things, virus can come to your home with those foods

3. If you are go to pharmacy and bought some medicine stuffs that was earlier came into contact with the infected person, you are at the risk of carrying the virus to your home.

Precautions to prevent virus from entering your house

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates

1. When foods or other grocery items are brought from the market, dispose of the package outside and let anyone with a clean hand take out the food items. Clean your hands properly with hand sanitizer or with hand wash before entering the house.

2. Whenever you are going outside to buy something use only cloth bags that are washable after every use.

3. Fruits and vegetables brought from the market should be washed  under the running water.

4. Clean up your mobile phone frequently.

5. As soon as you come from outside, clean up yourself properly and wash your clothes.

How to stay safe if you are living in apartments or Housing societies ?

As we know social distancing can keep us safe from spreading the deadly virus. But if you are living in the apartment or in the housing society it is very difficult to maintain proper social distancing as many families are living nearby in the same place. 

In this type of society there are many common spaces that are used by everyone for example gym, swimming pool, indoor game space etc.

In these apartments everyone will be using the same staircase, elevator and apartment entrance. You will be touching the same elevator buttons and stair handles that are touched by others. As you know traces of virus can stay alive for a couple of days, chances are high that anyone can get affected.

And if any one in this area is infected it will be difficult to control the rate of spreading.

Guidelines to avoid getting affected by Covid -19

  1. Avoid any kind of gathering inside your housing society.
  2. If you are touching anything outside make sure to sanitize your hands.
  3.  Use handkerchiefs to sneeze or cough.
  4. Stay away from someone who is sick.
  5. If  you are feeling sick seek medical attention
  6. If someone from another city or state has come, advise him/her to get their Covid-19 test done.
  7. Use mask while going outside your apartment
  8. Keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter while talking to someone.

People living in apartments or housing societies must take extra precautions and maintain high personal hygiene than others to protect themselves. 

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
Stay home for safety

Steps to be taken for reducing risk of infection by Covid-19

After talking so much precaution also, the virus is spreading at a very fast rate. Everyday there are reports of many getting affected by the deadly virus.

The best way to prevent getting infected by this virus is to avoid contact which is very much impossible.

But you can always keep yourself and others safe by maintaining some of the below provided guidelines.

  1. Maintain social Distancing –

This step is very much effective and mandatory for avoiding the contact of viruses. You should always avoid crowded places and mass gathering and always maintain a minimum of 1 meter distance while talking to someone.

If you are in the crowded place and anyone infected with covid-19 sneeze or cough the droplets coming out will contain the virus and chances are high for you to get affected if you are there very close to them.

  1. Wash or sanitize your hand –

If you are going outside for any purpose make sure to carry pocket hand sanitizer with you. Everytime you are touching anything make sure to sanitize your hands and when you are returning home make sure to use hand wash regularly.

Also, keep in mind when you are outside, always use a mask and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. As this can increase the risk of getting infected.

  1. Maintain personal hygiene –

Carry a handkerchief always when you are going out. Whenever you sneeze or cough make sure to use your handkerchief, in this way you will maintain hygiene and avoid the spreading to others if you are infected.

Always seek quick medical attention, if you have a cough, sneeze, high fever or having some difficulty in breathing. Doctors will guide you through the further steps to be taken.

Also, always stay informed and updated on the latest guidelines that are given by local and national authorities to stay protected in this situation.

What to do if you have symptoms ?

  1. First of all if you develop the symptoms of covid-19 get self- isolated and stay home. Call health workers as soon as possible to get the further medical advice and steps to be taken.
  1. Always pay attention to the nature of your cough, sneeze, fever and breathing difficulty.
  1. Immediately get medical attention if you are developing emergency symptoms.

Emergency symptoms are like :-

  1. Immense breathing difficulty.
  2. Persistent pain in your chest .
  3. Swollen lips and face
Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
Sanitize hands regularly

Asthma and Covid-19  

As there is  no evidence of direct link between these two. Asthma is the illness whereas coronavirus is an infection. But these two share a common effect and that is damaging your respiratory systems.

Although, there is no direct link but if a asthma patient comes in contact with covid-19 he/she will be suffering severe breathing problems and may need medical attention.

This type of patient should take extra care as the symptoms of coughing , sneezing and shortness of breath is common in both so it becomes difficult to identify if the person is infected by covid-19 or not until the covid test is done. One way of identifying is mild or high fever.

Precaution for asthma patients :-

  1. Maintain high personal hygiene.
  2. Keep your asthma pump clean.
  3. Stay away from sick people
  4. Always keep a safe distance with people.
  5. Try to avoid triggers like smoke.

Natural herbs that boost immunity and prevent covid-19 Infection

As you know boosting up your immunity system can be the best natural way to prevent Coronavirus. Natural herbs are always the best way to cure any diseases or infection. It may not work as quickly as the medicines but with time you will get the results without any side effects.

Here is the 5 herbs that can help you –

  1. Tulsi – Tulsi or basil plant is well known for germicide. This herb is rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants which will boost your immunity system. You can consume 3 to 4 leaves everyday in an empty stomach when you wake up in the morning.
  1. Ginger – Ginger is the herb that almost everyone consumes in their meals. Ginger has been used since ancient days to treat common cold and treat other respiratory infections. 

It contains the antioxidant known as germirol that can strengthen your immune system.

  1. Garlic – It also has the same property as ginger, consumed everyday with meals. It contains the main anti-germ compound known as allicin that will boost the immunity power.
  1.  Turmeric – Turmeric contains a phytochemical known as curcumin that filters out the toxin from our body and boosts immunity.
  1. Moringa – Moringa is very much helpful for many health issues. Moringa contains a large amount of vitamin C and other vital compounds such as iron, potassium, calcium that help in strengthening the immunity system.

Long term effect of Covid – 19 on your health

You may have sometimes wondered that the covid-19 infected patient that is discharged from hospital, does they even get fully recovered or not. 

As per latest reports this virus is a combination of two types of other coronavirus known as SARS- cov and MERS-cov that primarily affects our  respiratory systems and also other vital body parts along.

According to the latest information maximum of the people are asymptomatic and a small number of people are admitted to hospital and need medical attention.

However there is till now no clear evidence that the virus can affect our body  after the infection is cured. 

But there are reports of some previously affected individuals that they experience some symptoms after 30 to 60 days post recovery. It is reported that they sometimes suffer shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and sometimes mild fever repeatedly.

It is to be noted that not every recovered individual will have long term health issues but the individuals who developed Acute Respiratory distress syndromes.

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
Always wear mask when outside

Long term Health Issues –

  1. There are many reports of lung fibrosis that resulted in lung functionality. Due to limited function it can’t absorb much oxygen resulting in shortness of breath and damaging other vital organs.
  1. The inflammation that is caused by the coronavirus infection can damage the cardiac and kidney function that you may experience their functional limitation and irregular heart beat.
  1. You may experience post-traumatic stress, cognitive effects, long time disability of smell and taste. Many recovered patients have reported neurological disorders symptoms.

Can vitamin D shortage cause Covid- 19 ?

Vitamin D is linked with strengthening our immune system. It is recommended that the optimum level of vitamin D in our body is 30 ng/ml and this level must not go under 25 ng/ml. 85 percent of the world population is having vitamin D deficiency.

The Vitamin D receptor in our body helps in synthesizing the immunity cells like T cells, B cells and antigen producing cells. This vitamin D increases the immunological response in our body.

Earlier this vitamin was also used to treat many viral diseases and also including the treatment of TB before the TB medicine was found.

If our body’s immunity system is low then it will be easier for coronavirus to get hooked to ACE2 ( angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 ) receptors and spread the virus rapidly in living cells.

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates
Wash hands for safety
Countries affected by Coronavirus

195 countries and territories around the world have reported 3,50,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus covid 19 that has originated from Wuhan city,China.Total death of 15,440.

Here is the list of few countries that have been affected by COVID19.

This is the report according to WHO on 23 March,2020.

Confirmed cases / Death
IndiaConfirmed cases : 420
Death: 8
 USAConfirmed cases : 35,070
Death : 458
 ItalyConfirmed cases : 59,138
Death : 5,475
 GermanyConfirmed cases : 26,220
Death : 110
SpainConfirmed cases : 33,089
Death : 2,182
IranConfirmed cases : 23,049
Death : 1,812
FranceConfirmed cases : 16,481
Death : 674
United KingdomConfirmed cases : 5,680
Death : 280
South KoreaConfirmed cases : 8,961
Death : 111
SwitzerlandConfirmed cases : 8,234
Death : 107
JapanConfirmed cases : 1,814
Death : 49
BrazilConfirmed cases : 1,619
Death : 25
MalaysiaConfirmed cases : 1,518
Death : 14
PakistanConfirmed cases : 804
Death : 6
ThailandConfirmed cases : 721
Death : 1
RussiaConfirmed cases : 438
Death : 1
South AfricaConfirmed cases : 400
Death : 0
IraqConfirmed cases : 266
Death : 23
kuwaitConfirmed cases : 189
Death : 0


Confirmed cases / Death
AfghanistanConfirmed cases : 40
Death : 1
NigeriaConfirmed cases : 36
Death : 1
NepalConfirmed cases : 2
Death : 0
According to WHO on 23 March,2020

Covid-19 Situation Report Update

Corona situation report update by WHO for confirmed cases and Death as on 10 August 2020.


Confirmed cases / Death
IndiaConfirmed cases : 22,15,074
Death: 44,386
 USAConfirmed cases : 49,51,851
Death : 1,60,989
 ItalyConfirmed cases : 2,50,566
Death : 35,205
 GermanyConfirmed cases : 2,16,327
Death : 9,917
SpainConfirmed cases : 3,14,362
Death : 28,503

Confirmed cases : 3,26,712
Death : 18,427
FranceConfirmed cases : 1,85,353
Death : 30,201
United KingdomConfirmed cases : 3,10,829
Death : 46,574
South KoreaConfirmed cases : 14,626
Death : 305
SwitzerlandConfirmed cases : 36,514
Death : 1,711
JapanConfirmed cases : 47,990
Death : 1047
BrazilConfirmed cases : 30,12,412
Death : 1,00,477
MalaysiaConfirmed cases : 9,083
Death : 125
PakistanConfirmed cases : 2,84,660
Death : 6,097
ThailandConfirmed cases : 3,351
Death : 58
RussiaConfirmed cases : 89,654
Death : 15,001
South AfricaConfirmed cases : 5,59,859
Death : 10,408
IraqConfirmed cases : 1,50,115
Death : 5,392
KuwaitConfirmed cases : 71,713
Death : 478
according to WHO on 23 March,2020
CountriesConfirmed cases / Death
AfghanistanConfirmed cases : 37,054
Death : 1,312
NigeriaConfirmed cases :46,577
Death : 945
NepalConfirmed cases : 22,972
Death : 75
According to WHO on 10 August 2020

Frequently Asked Question
  1. Recovery time for coronavirus ? 

Normally it takes a patient to recover approximately 2 weeks but if a patient has any critical health problem it may take 4-5 weeks.

  1. Virus that is responsible for covid 19?

Severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV 2) and MERS.

  1. Why is the coronavirus named as Covid-19?

Co(corona) VI(virus) D(Diseases) – 19(it first hit in the year 2019).

  1. Can my phone cause me to get affected by Covid-19 ?

Yes, it can cause you to get affected. As you know the virus can live for about a couple of days, so chances are high that if the trace of virus is present on your phone it can affect you quickly. 

We all use our phones several times a day and when we use to talk with someone a virus can easily get into our body as the device is close to our mouse and nose. Always remember to disinfect your phones regularly.

  1. Foods that we must stock up during this pandemic ?

This pandemic we must limit our visit to food stores to take better safety measures.  Before going to market we must keep in mind that the food we want to stock up must be high in nutrition content and choose the food that does not decay quickly and stay good upto 2 weeks.

Coronavirus - A detailed information and Updates

Foods to store – 

Vegetables – Choose the one that is non-perishable such as carrot, beans, beet, ginger, onion, garlic and ginger.

Milk Powder – As you know in this situation there is shortage of supply of liquid milk and this powder form will stay long without damage.

Dairy Products –Butter, Ghee and cheese are kept in the fridge for a long life.

Pulses and legumes – Such as Peas, Green moong,  Masoor.

Grains – Such as Wheat, rice, millets, Broken wheat or dalia.

Feel free to share with your family, friends and loved ones as you know sharing is caring so this pandemic stay safe and healthy by sharing precaution tips and updates.

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