How Supplement Company fake their Protein Lab Test

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If you are looking for the information about your protein Supplement that you are using for your muscle growth,endurance and fat loss.

Then you are reading the article. This article will tell you about how the million dollar supplement company fake their Protein Lab Test.

You have heard or  watched many YouTube Videos ”How to identify the fake protein or any fake supplement”??

And the way to identify the fake protein supplements are Solubility of the powder, texture, taste, smell or by their Packaging form.

But all these techniques are old now and these modern days companies are more cautious about law regulation and company reputation.

So, these companies are using a new technique nowadays to fake their respective lab test. And that is called protein spiking.

These Supplement companies mix nitrogen rich compounds to their protein supplement to enhance the nitrogen rich contain of the supplement so that they can be easily bypass the lab test when these supplements go for protein lab test.

Look protein is chemically a nitrogen compound and now if you are mixing more nitrogen rich other compounds to the particular product it will basically enhance it’s contain.

What is Protein Spiking

 Protein spiking or nitrogen spiking, is the point at which companies add modest filler fixings to the protein, as maltodextrin and less significant amino acids like glycine and taurine, Beta-Alanine, Arginine.

By Amino spiking the supplement manufacturer companies guarantee you’re getting more protein per serving than reality, which means those 30 grams of protein could be 15 to 20 grams or less.

Amino spiking is fairly misleading. At the point when an organization needs to test the protein substance of a powder, they have to send it to a Nitrogen Content Test .

Since protein frames a bond with nitrogen, the measure of nitrogen in a blend decides the measure of protein.

So as to up the protein contain , companies combine the blend loaded with free structure amino acids, similar to glycine and taurine, which likewise appear as protein in the test.

Now why do these supplement companies do these??

Simple and straight answer to these questions is to make more money and increase revenue . Investment is less and profit is much higher here. These fitness and supplement industry is a billion and million dollar industry.

In these modern era, Bodybuilding and fitness has become a passion for every individual over the globe.

Seventy percent of the Population who are involved in these fitness industries run for cheap Protein supplements.

But, actually protein itself is a very expensive nutrient than fats, carbohydrates or any vitamin and minerals.

Take as an example one kilogram of chicken is much more expensive than one kilogram of potato or one dozen of Banana.

But veg. Proteins are bit inexpensive but not that much also take for example Almond nuts.

So, take one thing clearly Protein is an expensive compound.

So, if you are trying to find out the genuine supplement with the correct protein contained you have to do the lab test.

There are three kind of lab tests

  1. Nitrogen testing which cost 5$
  2. Taurine testing which cost 40$ which is bit expensive
  3. Amino Acid Profile testing cost 500$ which is very much expansive

Now, which test will give you the accurate result for your supplement protein contain

You have to do Amino acid profile testing to get accurate results.


1)If there is Protein spiking in your supplement your nitrogen testing won’t work in that case.

2)And also your Taurine test won’t work here because if the supplement is protein spiked then there could be arginine, creatine or glycine .

Now, the question remains here “is Protein spike supplement affecting your Health”??

No, not at all. The extra amino acid in your supplement will not affect your health at all. But why you will buy the amino acid by wasting your money which your body naturally produces.

So, it is recommended to check the level when you are buying the supplement. If you see there is more amount of glycine, taurine, creatine, Beta-alanine, Arginine in your Protein powder it will be better to avoid it.

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