Here’s the way to protect your elder one’s from the pandemic COVID-19

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Covid-19 is a newly introduced virus and it’s affecting people at huge rates across the globe .It’s time to need additional care of our folks and grandparents.

If we tend to face measures to surpass international conjointly as national statistics, a worrying trend emerges. Senior people (sixty years and above) are additionally more vulnerable to coronavirus than alternative age groups. The mortality of this infection is higher for the older ones.

Why are the aged people more vulnerable to Coronavirus?

The aged people’s immunity power becomes weaker which means they’re less capable of fighting off viruses.   Besides, co-morbidities or co-occurring diseases area unit additional current among the old than alternative age teams. 

sicknesses like high signs , chronic nephropathy, heart disorders, impeding internal organ sickness or polygenic disease will build coronavirus fatal.

Here are some following rule for senior people which they must do and they must not do-


  1. Stay at  home and do not entertain guests or guests’ reception. Any of them may have the COVID-19 infection.
  2.  If meeting with anyone is crucial, then you would like to take care of a distance of a minimum   of 1 meter (3.2 feet) from them. 
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water often, particularly when handling something that came from outside (groceries, newspapers, etc.)
  4.  Make sure that you only have gotten smart quality nutrition through freshly prepared home   meals. 
  5. Drink fresh fruit juice
  6. Regular exercise will boost immunity. easy activities like walking within the house or rising the  steps could also be thought-about.
  7. Make sure you only take prescribed doses of medicine.  
  8. If any  surgery (like a cataract removal procedure) is regular throughout the imprisonment, it should be deferred. getting to a hospital will expose you to COVID-19. 9. Doorbells, door handles, keys and alternatives such as soft touched objects should be cleansed often. 
  9. If you observe any symptoms of COVID-19, visit a hospital immediately.

Don’ts – 

  1. Don’t sneeze or cough into your hands or alongside your mouth uncovered.
  2. Don’t touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands. 
  3. Don’t go on the brink of people who seem sick. 
  4. Don’t self-medicate.
  5. Do not greet or hug.
  6. Do not choose your routine health check-up currently.
  7. Do not visit markets, public parks wherever many people gather.
  8. Don’t leave your house unless necessary.

 The aged people want our facility now. It is time to accentuate and do our bit to take  care of them. All of us have aged people in our families whom we tend to like and treasure. That’s why we would like to scrupulously follow the COVID-19 tips so that this pandemic doesn’t challenge their health. 

Stay home and follow social distancing to remain yourself safe!

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