3 reasons why multivitamin won’t work properly ??

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A multivitamin is a combination of vitamins, minerals that are found in different natural food sources and is served as dietary supplements.

Multi-vitamins have many health benefits when taken with the right dose.You can add multi-vitamins to your daily diet.

Multi-vitamins fulfill your diet completely by providing vital nutrients and minerals.

Multivitamins maintain muscle strength, give relief from stress and anxiety. It improves blood flow and also improves our mood. But many multivitamins won’t work properly.

Here are the few reason why multi-vitamins won’t work properly

1.Compete for absorption – Most vitamins and minerals in multivitamin tablets compete for absorption in our body .

Calcium is not at all needed in multivitamin tablets as it hampers the absorption of zinc, iron and magnesium.

2.Missing or under dosed ingredients – Many multivitamin have under dosed certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K which is useful for many vital functions of our body .

Vitamin B for healthy blood cells and nerves .Iodine for proper thyroid function .

3.The wrong form- Certain multivitamins come with wrong forms. Such as most multivitamins does not include Chromium.

If present also they are in the wrong form such as chromium chloride which is poorly absorbed .Better form is chromium picolinate.

Second one is Vitamin A . Multivitamin contain retinyl acetate which is performed Vitamin A. Make sure all your Multi-vitamins are formulated with all-trans-Beta carotene which is pro-vitamin A.

Precautions for Multivitamin

Many multivitamins are poorly absorbed by the body in the supplement form. So it is essential to eat a variety of healthy foods that contain natural sources of vitamin and minerals.

Many multivitamin contain minerals such as calcium, potassium. Any minerals if taken in large doses can cause side effects such as tooth staining, increased urination, stomach bleeding, uneven heart rate, and muscle weakness.

The amounts of each vitamin present in multi-vitamin formulations are generally believed to result in optimal health effects in large population groups.

However, these standard amounts may not correlate in certain sub-populations, such as in children, pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions.

Read the label of any multivitamin product you take to make sure you are aware of what it contains.

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