Keto Diet – A basic guide for Bodybuilding and Fat loss

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Keto diet is also referred to as Ketogenic diet.It is usually a very- low carbohydrate diet with high fat and moderate protein.

When we are on keto diet body usually burn the stored fat rather than burning carbohydrates.So when we are consuming less amount of carbohydrates for a long period of time our body goes into the metabolic sate called Ketosis.

Medically,keto diet are prescribed by doctors especially for the individual with neurological disorder called epilepsy.
Now these days keto diet are usually used for bodybuilding and fat loss purpose.

What is ketosis??

Generally,our body get energy from the breaking down of carbs from the food we eat .When we are on low carb diet our body is not getting enough carbohydrates to convert it into glucose and use it for energy.

In this biological condition our body enters into the metabolic pathways known as KETOSIS.

When we are on low carb diet insulin hormone goes down and our body will utilize its fat store for energy purpose.

It break down the long chain fatty acids (Triglycerides) into ketone. Ketone provide energy to our body.

There are two ways by which our body get energy that is

Body can’t use carbohydrates or fats directly for getting energy so it break down into glucose or Ketones.

However,Excessive amount of ketones can develop Diabetic ketoacidosis health condition.
Excess glucose means increase in blood sugar level which will rise type 2- Diabetes.

Different types of Keto Diet

There is commonly 4 different type of Keto diet:-

Common ketogenic diet – This is also referred to as standard ketogenic diet which is very normal and this is suggested by most of the medical professionals.This diet reffer 10% of carbohydrates 60% Fats and 30% Protein.

2.Schedule Keto Diet – This is commonly knowns as Cyclic ketogenic diet.

This diet is same as standard keto diet but it only diifers in carbohydrates intake with time.

This means if are in very low carb diet for 3 weeks continuously then after completing 3 weeks on hard keto you will come back to high carb diet.

Human body response well to this diet type due to the change . This diet also offer you the advantage of not getting keto diet side effects such as Ketoacidosis.

3. High Protein keto diet – This diet is literally easy to follow than your normal keto diet .

In this ketogenic diet you will be taking high protein ,moderate fats and very-low carbs.

This is usually helpful for fat loss.The main advantage of following this diet is that you will not suffer from sugar carving and your body will not enter into ketosis metabolism.Because protein also break down and produce glucose.

To know more reffer to Wikipedia.

4. Targeted Keto Diet – this diet is similar to normal keto diet.In this diet the only difference is you will be not taking any carbs throughout the day.

You will consume carbs only before and after your workout session.
Targeted ketogenic diet is only followed on the day you workout or exercise.

Remember in this diet don’t go intense in your workout because this diet sometime cause muscle cramps due to dehydration.

Keto Diet for Bodybuilding

You might be thinking how it is possible to build muscle without carbohydrates.Is building muscle really possible on Ketogenic diet??

Yes, it is absolutely possible to built muscle in ketogenic diet without consuming any or very low amount of carbohydrates.

You need 4 essential things to build muscle:-

1.Enough Protein
2.Caloric surplus
3.Correct Training program
4.Good amount of quality sleep

Let’s Explain these 4 essentials in details :

1.Eat enough protein – Protein means the amino acid which is the building block of muscle .

When you are on keto diet and you are eating enough amount of protein you will be getting enough calories for muscle building (1 gm of protein gives you 4 Calories).

You need to eat 1.5 gm of protein per kilogram of body weight.
If your body weight is 70 kilogram you need to intake 70×1.5 = 105 gm of protein.

1 gm of protein serves you 4 calories
So, 105 gm of protein will serve you with 420 calories.

You are eating carbohydrates body breakdown the carbohydrates into glucose and it is stored in our muscle and liver in the form of glycogen.

When you are no longer eating carbohydrates the glycogen store will be finish and your body will find a new way for its fuel requirement and then it will break drown the protein into glucose for using as fuel.

2.Caloric Surpuls – Only intake of high protein and ignoring the calories intake will not help you in building good amount of muscle mass .

If you are looking for building muscle you need to intake good amount of calories.

In keto diet you are avoiding carbohydrate intake which is the main source of calorie.So you must consume enough fats from your diet to maintain the calories requirement.

3.Correct Training – Providing good amount of fats and protein and maintaining well ketogenic diet you are looking for good muscle mass to build up will not work.

To build muscle you need to provide your muscle with a good hypertrophy muscle training.

It is required to tear and break down your muscle tissue in order to grow.

4.A quality sleep – After maintaining all the above mentioned topic you are now good to go for building muscle but the quality sleep is also very important for fast recovery process and more intensity in your workout.

A good sleep will allow your pituitary gland to secrete Human growth hormone which is very much essential for muscle growth and recovery.
You must get enough sleep for 7-8 hours per day.

So,carbohydrates are not the only things that help in building muscle.Avoiding carbs and maintaining other factors well will definitely help.

Keto diet for fat loss

As above mentioned earlier and has been explained how keto diet works and help in fat loss

Here i am going to make you understand in detail how keto diet help in fat loss:-

1.Promote adrenaline Secretion – When on keto diet your body’s blood sugar level is low and it promote adrenaline secreation.

So when your blood sugar level is low and adrenaline level is high it promotes muscle growth and fat loss.

2.Body enter into the new Metabolic path – When consuming low carbohydrates your body’s glycogen store is over soon and then your liver will breakdown the fats and protein to use as the main source of fuel.

So there no fat storage in our body and you will be loosing fat day by day.This new metabolic pathway of body is known as Gluconeogenesis.

3.Leptin – Leptin is actually a hunger hormone in our body that is responsible for energy balance in our body.

It give signals to our brain (HYPOTHALAMUS) when to eat food and we feel hungry.

When on keto diet the leptin hormone drops and you don’t feel hungry .It also gives you felling of fullness.

That means it’s providing you enough time between your meals so that your body can utilize the fats to breakdown into ketones and use them as energy.

4.Insuline Sensitivity – Folowing ketogenic diet for 3-4 weeks will improve your insuline sensitivity and make your blood sugar level down .This will help in fat metabolism.

5.Decrease fat storage – When on keto diet taking more protein and ignoring carbohydrates the fat is only left for the for the body to provide energy.

So when your taking high protein the fat will be utilized for protein breakdown and synthesis.

Not only carbs help in protein synthesis but also ketones that are produced by fat breakdown.

6.Reduce Lipogenesis – Lepogenesis means your body store the excess carbohydrates that you eat into fat in the liver for long time use.

When on keto diet you are on low carb diet that means instead of storing them as fat body will utilize it as fuel.

Benefits of keto Diet

1.Following a good keto diet may lower your bad cholesterol level and higher your good cholesterol level.

Since in keto diet we are using fat for providing fuel to our body it will use the triglyceride which are long chain fatty acids and are stored in liver for long term use.

When these fatty acids are used it will lower your cholesterol level.

2.Keto Diet are very helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure .As you know high cholesterol level is directly releted to high blood pressure.

As your cholesterol level increases your heart has to pump more to transport blood that create a extra pressure in your blood arteries which increases the blood pressure in our body which is very danger health issue.Keto diet help in this conditions.

3.It help in insulin Sensitivity that means your body cell can effectively use the blood sugar in your body. High blood sugar is the most serious health issue in this modern times.
Keto diet also improve the insulin resistance in our body.

4.It help in reducing obesity levels and hence helping in fat loss and keeps you mentally and physically fit.

Side effects of Keto Diet

With all the above mentioned benifits of Keto diet, it also has some side effects but these are for short term periods which you must know.

1.Kidney injuries and muscle cramp – These happens because when you are on keto diet there is high loss of electrolytes from our body because it increases the urination.

When the electrolytes are flashed out you may experience muscle cramps.
Kidney may be injured because of dehydration.

You must take plenty of salts in your diet and drink more water on keto diet.

2.Bad breath – Keto diet sometimes result in bad breath .These is because when you are on keto diet your body enters into the new metabolic path known as Ketosis.

Ketones are produced in this metabolism and this smell is due to acetone which is the part of ketones.

3.Constipation – Ketogenic diet can also give you the experience of constipation because in this type of diet you will get lot of water loss by dehydration.

Body will use the water from your colon leaving behind the waste matter in your colon dry and hard and it will cause constipation.

To avoid this type of situation you must drink enough water and also intake high fiber vegetables which will help.

4.Keto rash – You may develop rash and itching on your skin.This usually happens because when you are on ketogenic diet there are ketones in your blood stream and when you are sweating the ketones comes out and shettel down.This may develop the condition.

So,it’s recommended to take regular bath and clean your body well to avoid this conditions.

Apart from these side-effects you may experience

  1. Digestion Problem
  2. Nausea
  3. Dizziness
  4. Fatigue and Sugar carving
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How our body react to Keto Diet on the initial stage??

If you are on keto diet for the first time your body will be introduced to new things called Ketones.

Normally, our body works and get fuel from carbs.Body converts carbs into glucose and use them as the source of energy.

When shifting to the low carb diet your body will depend on fat for energy and it will take some time by your body to adopt and develop new metabolic path.In is time period you will experience the loss of energy and you will feel very low.

On the initial stage when body will start producing ketones it will keep you active for long time which may interrupt your sleep.

You may experience the keto flu and Keto rash which is due to ketones and due to dehydration.

These effects are for short period of time. As the time passes your body will adopt to the conditions and you will be all normal as usual.

Foods good for keto Diet

1.Green Vegetables – Many vegetables are high in carbs so you must check for there carbs contained and rich in fiber.

2.Citrus Fruits – Orange,lemon,Grape fruit

3.Eggs – Most healthy and nutritious food.

4.Cheese – High fat contained

5.Nuts – Almond,Wall nuts

6.Seeds – Flax and Chis seeds

7.Poultry – Fresh poultry and low in carbs.

8.All kind of Seafoods – Sea fish are best for these diet

Foods bad for Keto Diet

  1. Starch rich Vegetables
  2. Lenticels
  3. Beans
  4. Alcoholic drinks
  5. Processed foods
  6. Low fat diary products

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Keto diet is very healthy and helpful diet for some people.This diet may not suit for everyone .You must consult your doctor if you are planning one for you.

Some time ketogenic diet can worsen your health condition if you are on certain medicine for certain type of health conditions.

Make sure to do some blood work and your kidney ,liver and heart test before going for this diet.

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