Smoking and Bodybuilding – Is it possible?


Crazy about fitness ?? But also a smoker?? Want to gain muscle and lose fat but facing a lot of barriers to build muscle effectively ??

So let’s take some time and have a look at this article and you will know how smoking affects fitness and muscle building goals.

If you are a gym goer and you also smoke, the first common question that will come to your mind is whether smoking affects Bodybuilding goals.

When you are smoking cigarettes the smoke you are inhaling contains 90% of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and little amount of Ammonia and the main chemical compound present in Cigarette smoke is Nicotine which is the addictive part of Cigarette.

When you are inhaling the harmful chemicals in your body it makes your blood sticky and makes your oxygen supply low to the different parts of your body.

For long periods of continuous smoking specially chain smokers will arise the critical health conditions like throat cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetic problems.

Below we will discuss in detail how smoking affects our body.

Smoking and Hemoglobin in our blood

Hemoglobin is the iron containing metalloprotein present in our blood it helps to produce red blood cells and transport oxygen rich blood to different cells, tissue and different organs in our body and then carry back the carbon dioxide back to lungs from different parts of the body.

Hemoglobin releases the oxygen in cells and helps in the process of Metabolism which produces energy for our body functioning.

When you are smoking the carbon monoxide binds with the red blood cells containing hemoglobin and prevents it from binding with oxygen and carrying to different cells.

Carbon monoxide is a very much unstable compound which has a greater affinity for hemoglobin and it binds with hemoglobin immediately after it comes into contact with blood and form new chemical compound called Carboxyhemoglobin which is permanent and irreversible process this means once the carbon monoxide binds with the red blood cell it will damage it.

Carbon monoxide has 5 to 6 times greater affinity for hemoglobin than carbon dioxide. When carbon dioxide comes in contact with hemoglobin it forms Carbamino hemoglobin which is reversible.

So, if this process is continued for a longer time period the red blood cell count will decrease and the body will deprive of oxygen.

Smoking and Heart Diseases

When you are smoking it raises the certain types of fat called triglycerides which form plaque in the artery wall and make damage to the flexibility of arteries and prevent the heart from pumping the blood properly.

All this happens due to the rise of triglycerides which raise the blood cholesterol level and in return cholesterol forms plaque in the artery wall and affects the blood flow. 

Moreover,when smoking it raises the heart rate which increases the chance of Blood clot.

Combining all these problems would give heart attacks, strokes like critical health problems.

Smoking and Lungs Problems

The ammonia present in cigarette smoke in small amounts causes irritation and inflammation.

Ammonia is a very corrosive chemical compound which can cause Bronchiolar and also the alveolar edema and the carbon monoxide present in the smoke damage the air sacs of the lungs  and prevent proper oxygen supply to the blood and arising the breathing problems like Asthma.

This is the reason why Chain smokers cough continuously.

Smoking and Bodybuilding - Is it possible?

Smoking and Osteoporosis

Carbon monoxide in the smoke that we inhale reduce the blood supply to different parts in our body .

Moreover , the nicotine that is the main ingredient of  the smoke reduces the production of osteoblasts which is the new bone cell and also reduces the calcium absorption by our body which is very much vital for bone health .

Thus reducing the mineral contained and density of bone and causing osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak and fragile.

Smoking and Diabetes problems

Basically, smoking doesn’t cause Diabetes but if you are affected by diabetes then you should prevent smoking completely as you know the high glucose level and low oxygen contained blood will increase the risk of heart diseases like stroke.

If you are diabetic and you continue smoking  it will very badly affect you. Smoking acts as a catalyst which will promote your cardiovascular diseases.

No matter how healthy a diet you are following if you are on diabetes but if you don’t stop smoking it will give you harder health complications.

Smoking effects protein synthesis and Testosterone production

When smoking for a longer period of time there will be a significant drop in your follistatin level which promotes muscle growth and smoking will raise myostatin level which will inhibit muscle growth.

Excessive smoking damages your nucleic acid which is the main part of your DNA and RNA which will help in protein synthesis by means of transcription and translation. Smoking will damage the entire process of muscle protein synthesis.

Smoking can affect your  testosterone production and that is the reason most of you face problems with muscle building.

As you know smoking prevents blood from carrying enough oxygen, it affects your brain as well as your hypothalamus gland and your testes.

Since it affects the hypothalamus gland body can’t produce enough FSH and LH which is very much vital for sperm production and maturation and Testosterone production.

This is the main reason most people suffer from low libido and Erectile dysfunction.


So at the end after reading the above mentioned smoking effects of health you can guess if it is possible to build muscle or not.

Going on Performance enhancing medicines is a totally different matter and exception but naturally if you are thinking of any fitness goal and you are a heavy smoker then you will face a lot of problems in your training season.

How can you think of Building a good physique with smoking practice?

Smoking affects your lungs and heart badly. That means you will face shortness of breath during training. You can’t hold your breath properly during an intense workout.

Smoking destroys the aerobic mechanism of cells and affects your body metabolism so you will not lose your fat level efficiently. To lose fat is the most important part of your fitness goal.

This is the reason why people face Obesity Problems.

Moreover, Smoking will destroy your DNA and directly affect your Protein Synthesis and Besides it also has a very bad impact on Testosterone production.

You know without proper protein Synthesis and Testosterone Production it is impossible to achieve good muscular Physique.

So Quit smoking stay fit and healthy 

Now you are ready to Build Muscle and Lose fat

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