Hair fall problem?These can help to stop hair fall naturally

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Hair fall


Nowadays hair fall is a common problem that affects 90% of the population around the world. Hair fall is medically termed as Alopecia that can affect your scalp or your entire body.

Hair fall happens due to different reasons, it can be heredity, aging, hormonal changes, lifestyle or some medical conditions.

It is totally fine and normal that you will shed a small amount of hair everyday but when the hair fall is excessive you need to worry about it. 

Some people when they experience hair fall they just let it happen and leave it untreated.

Some people use hairstyles or makeup to hide their hair fall problem and some people get the treatments to avoid the problem. Hair fall can be temporary or permanent.

If the hair fall is due to heredity then you can’t do anything but some cases hair fall is due to some medical treatments such as  cancer treatment.

In this case there is a hair loss but is temporary, hair will grow again after some time.

Here we will discuss two main topics that is hair fall due to Hormonal changes and Lifestyle.

Heredity, Aging and Medical treatments are not in our control so can’t help it out with anything. 

Always remember health problems that are not treated from the root will never be cured permanently.

You can try everything and anything for the problems to cure but it will eventually come back and you will suffer.  

Baldness problem is more common in men than women and the reason behind this is DHT production is men is far more than in women.

To know in detail how hormonal changes  affect your hair fall we have to know the production of Testosterone and DHT hormone. 

Testosterone and its production

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is responsible for physical changes and development in the male body.

Testosterone is very much vital for reproduction system.

The effect of the testosterone hormone becomes more prominent in puberty.

In this period the production of testosterone is high and the physical changes like deepening of voice, hair growth on body and facial areas, development of sexual organs, increased in sexual desire and many more.

All these effects are Androgenic effects of testosterone. If the testosterone production in our body is not significant many other hormones and systems will not work properly.

Testosterone is the only reason why male are able to build more muscle mass and have more bone density than women.

In women the dominating sex hormone is Estrogen but women also produce small amount of testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands for overall body growth. 

Hair fall problem?These can help to stop hair fall naturally

In our body testosterone is produced by the HPT axis as shown in the above image.

When there is low level of testosterone in our body Hypothalamus gland releases Gonadotropin-releasing hormone which is transported by the hypophyseal portal system which acts on the receptors (GnRHR) of the Pituitary gland.  

Signaling from GnRHR leads to the secretion of  LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone).

LH  hormone stimulates the Leydig cells in testes to produce testosterone.

The FSH hormone is used to stimulate testicular growth and enhance the production of an androgen binding protein by the Sertoli cells which is necessary for maturing the Sperm cells. 

When there is enough testosterone production in our body, testes signal Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland to stop producing GnRH , LH and FSH which is known as Negative Feedback Loop.

The amount of testosterone production by Leydig cells is fully dependent upon Hypothalamus and the Pituitary gland.

Note – Hypothalamus sends signals to the pituitary to produce LH and FSH which stimulate the Leydig cells in Testes and result in the Production of testosterone .


DHT means Dihydrotestosterone which is the byproduct of Testosterone in our body. DHT is an endogenous androgen sex hormone which is responsible for the secondary sexual character in male such as hair growth and developing sexual organs and prostate gland. 

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a powerful steroid hormone naturally found in the human body. It is 4 to 5 times stronger than testosterone.

Testosterone in our body converts to DHT when it comes in contact with 5-alpha reductase enzymes. 5-alpha reductase catalyzes the testosterone conversion to DHT. This enzyme removes the C4-5 double bound of testosterone and adds two hydrogen atoms and so it is named as Dihydrotestosterone.

With the change in the chemical structure it can bind with androgen receptors more easily and rapidly hence making it more powerful than Testosterone.

The 5-alpha reductase enzyme is present in high amounts in the cells of Prostate gland, skin, scalp, Seminal vesicles, Epididymides, brain and liver. Here the enzyme is present in higher amounts because the need of androgenic properties in this area is higher.

Here in these areas very small amounts of testosterone will be converted to powerful steroid hormone, Dihydrotestosterone. 

This is how Testosterone are DHT hormones are produced in a male body.

Hair fall problem?These can help to stop hair fall naturally

How does DHT affect hairs and how to stop hormonal hair loss naturally?


There is actually a 4 phase in hair growth cycle :-

  1. Anagen – It is a growing phase
  2. Catagen – It is a transition phase
  3. Telogen – It is a resting phase
  4. Exogen – It is a new hair growth phase (that’s why it’s normal to shed a small amount of hair every day).

As mentioned earlier 5-alpha reductase enzyme is present in high amounts in our scalp so when there is excess testosterone production in our body it will convert to DHT and it will start to settle around our hair follicles thus blocking the nutrients path way that is essential for the growth of our hair.

When there is excess DHT it causes the follicle to shrink thus damaging the follicles permanently or in some cases extending the resting phase(blocking the pathway for the new hair growth). 

DHT helps in hair growth, muscularity in male and developing the sexual characteristics but when in excess it causes side effects such as baldness. 

In this case where hormones are responsible for your hair fall you can’t help your hair fall with cosmetics products or applying some natural ingredients on your scalp.

You have to rectify your hormonal imbalance and that is the only way to stop hair fall.

So how to stop hormonal hair loss naturally??  You can’t get rid of DHT or block it  permanently but you must control its production and balance it.

You definitely need to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT but you can’t do it 100% but you have to take the steps so that it can’t be produced in huge amounts.

Here i will suggest you two main natural ingredients that will help you:-

  1. Lycopene
  2. Lysine

Those foods are rich in Lycopene and Lysine  you should add it to your diet.

Foods that are rich in Lycopene and Lysine :-

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Watermelon 
  3. Mangoes
  4. Carrots
  5. Pumpkin seeds
  6. Almonds
  7. Peanuts 
  8. Walnuts 

And if you are looking for natural DHT blocker supplements, there is SAW PALMETTO  which is an excellent herbal product that really helps.

You can also get SAW PALMETTO tea products and you can also include that in your diet. If  you go for supplement you take daily serving of 500mg to 1000 mg. 

If your DHT production is low it will not attach to the androgen receptors and it will not damage your hair follicle.

DHT and Hair loss in female 

Hair loss is not so common in women as in men. Testosterone is the main hormone in male and in women Estrogen and Progesterone but testosterone is also present in small amounts.

Hair loss problem in women is different from men. Instead of horseshoe like pattern which is common in men it is noticed that a diffuse thinning pattern in entire scalp,

Hormones play an important role in our body and they do their best when they are balanced.

DHT is not the only reason for hair loss in women. There can be different reason explained below:-

Menopause :- During menopause several hormones are affected in the female body  that can cause hormonal hair loss.

During menopause estrogen and Progesterone productions are decreased and that can result in the increase of DHT hormone and if you are genetically sensitive to the DHT hormone you can experience hair loss.

Thyroid Problem :- Thyroid helps in strengthening the root of the hair and helps in the growth of new hairs.

Both underactive and overactive thyroid is harmful for your hair and can result in hair loss.

Like hormonal hair loss is temporary hair loss due to thyroids are also temporary. After you get the proper treatments you can again regain your hair growth and its health.

Stress and Weight loss :- When you are in stress for a long period of time it cas trigger the DHT production which can affect your hair loss.  

If you are losing weight gradually in a natural way then its ok but if the weight loss is  rapid due to other factors such as poor diet and malnutrition then also it can affect your hairline.

Remove DHT from scalp

As you know DHT is the main culprit in your hair loss problem so you must remove the DHT from your scalp.

To do that you need DHT blocker shampoo but always remember if your hair fall problem is due to DHT then you must use DHT blocker shampoo in the initial stage later it will not work efficiently.

Things you must check before selecting DHT blocker shampoo.

The ingredients that a DHT blocker shampoo must contain :-

  1. Zinc
  2.  Saw Palmetto 
  3. Flax Sesame 
  4. Pumpkin seeds
  5.  Nettle extract 
  6. Biotin 
  7. SalicylicAcid 
  8. Azelaic Acid 
  9. Aloe Vera

This is how the hormonal changes affect the hair loss in both men and women. Now we  will look at how our lifestyle affects hair loss.

Hair fall problem?These can help to stop hair fall naturally

Effect of Lifestyle on Hair loss


It may be strange to know that lifestyle affects the hair loss the most than hormonal changes. It includes poor diet, smoking,alcohol consumption and stress can cause hair loss.

  Apart from this the external factors such as pollution, long time exposure to sun rays,using hair colours, dyes and using different kinds of hair styling products.

How to reduce Hair Fall ?

  1. Change your Diet and eat healthy foods to avoid spicy and junk foods and intake more protein and fats.

Foods to include in your diet:-

a. Eggs – Eggs are rich in protein and  biotin which promote hair growth.

b. Berries – Berries are rich antioxidants which help in hair growth.

c. Spinach – Spinach is loaded with folate and iron which promote hair growth.

d. Fatty Fish – They are a rich source of omega 3 which increases hair density and is especially good for women.

e. Red meat – Rich in iron and promote hair growth 

f. Citrus fruits – Fruits such as orange, lemon and grapefruit are rich sources of Vitamin C which is a great anti-oxidants.


2. Avoid smoking and Alcohol – Smoking and alcohol raises the triglycerides level to increase and this will interrupt the blood flow which will damage the hair follicles.

3.  Avoid taking stress as much as possible because stress causes hormonal imbalance which affects the hair growth.

4. Avoid Sun exposure because the UV rays will also damage the hair follicles.

5. Avoids hair cosmetics and hair colours as much as possible as these products make your hair fragile and thin.

Prefer using Pumpkin seed oil and Coconut oil massage as this can remove the DHT and reduce the 5- alpha reductase enzyme.

6. Include regular exercise in your lifestyle.


Vitamins For hair loss

1. Vitamin A – For growth and Moisturize

2. Vitamin B complex – For carrying nutrients and oxygen rich blood to the scalp.

3. Vitamin c – Vitamin C helps in production of collagen protein which is helpful in hair structure.

4. Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps in reducing free radicals in our body which damage the hair follicles.


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Frequently asked Questions:-


How to reduce DHT?

DHT is the natural hormone and is the byproduct of Testosterone in men.You can’t get rid of DHT permanently but you can control the amount of production by including lycopene and lysine rich foods in your diet. For women also this is applicable and in addition they can use DHT blocker supplement that can help.


What causes DHT to increase ?

If you are on Testosterone Replacement Therapy or taking some Testosterone enhancing supplements it can cause DHT to increase or if your body is producing enough testosterone and you are not utilizing it properly then also it can raise DHT.


What are the hormones responsible for hair growth?

Androgen hormones such as Testosterone and DHT hormones are responsible for hair growth both in male and female.


What are the DHT blocker foods ?

  1. Tomatoes
  2.  Watermelon 
  3. Carrots
  4. Pumpkin seeds


The best DHT blocker oil ?

Pumpkin seed oil  and Lavender oil


What to eat to stop hair fall??

Avoid spicy and Junk foods and also avoid smoking and drinking.

Eat protein rich foods and also include Citrus fruits and the foods rich in Lycopene. Don’t forget your B-vitaminS to include in your diet.


How to Prevent hair fall for teenage girls and boys?

Hair fall in teen girls and guys may have different causes and it’s not the matter to worry. Most cases happen due to puberty when the testosterone production is high or maybe teens are not paying much attention to their healthy diet.

Sometimes not cleaning the hair properly may be the reason for hair fall but that’s not a big deal to worry about. Take a proper diet and maintain hygiene of your hair. It will be fine.


How to stop hair fall immediately  at home?

If you are willing to prevent hair fall naturally then you must know  natural ingredients work 100% but it takes time several months or years to solve hair fall problems. But it will definity work if you’re taking all the healthy steps necessary for hair growth.



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