What are the Serious Health Issues of Diabetes ?

What are the Serious Health Issues of Diabetes ?

Diabetes is one of the most common world wide health issues that is being increased day by day . Many people are affected by this health disorder because of their Sedentary lifestyles . 

Diabetes is the chronic metabolic disorder caused when the body stops producing insulin or stops responding to insulin .

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Here we will Discuss the Serious Health Issues caused due to Diabetes  


Diabetes and Heart Diseases –

Reasons for heart diseases can be of different reasons but the main heart diseases that is generally referred to is Coronary artery Disease .

Diabetes has a deep connection with heart disease . When the sugar level of blood is too high it damages the nerves and the artery that is responsible for blood flow to different body parts .

People with diabetes are more likely to have increased blood pressure, high cholesterol levels .

What are the Serious Health Issues of Diabetes ?

As you know, high blood pressure will damage the sensitive nerves that controls the heart rate and high Cholesterol level refers to Low density Lipoproteins which is bad for our heart health as it will form the plaque in the arteries and will resist the blood flow and will increase the blood Pressure . 

All these issues may result in Heart Attack and Stroke. The more time you take to control your blood sugar levels the more you will suffer from health issues .

Diabetes and Kidney Problems –

Diabetes means high blood sugar level which mainly damages the small blood vessels in our body. However, Diabetes alone is not responsible for your Kidney Problem or Diabetic neuropathy .

Over time when you poorly manage your blood sugar level the triglyceride level will increase and also the blood pressure . 

All these factors will increase the pressure on delicate blood vessels of the kidney which will result in damaging the filtration system and this will prevent the proper filtration of waste products from blood .

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction –

Whenever a male is sexually aroused the penile muscle relaxes and there is a blood flow into nerves and muscle that causes erection and enlargement of the penis. 

Though diabetes and Erectile dysfunction is totally a different health issue but somewhere they are internally correlated to each other . 

Due to diabetes the delicate nerves and tissues of penile muscle are damaged and the blood flow is not enough to maintain the firm erection required for sexual intercourse .

Diabetes and Dental Problems – 

Diabetes affects several body parts and mouth is no exception . More your blood Sugar level increases it will affect our teeths .

Tooth Decay –

Our mouth has several kinds of bacteria that are meant to protect our teeth from decay . But when these bacteria come in contact with sugar they form a coating around our teeth which is known as Plaque .

 This Plaque contains lactic acid which in turn erodes our teeths slowly and damages them .

This means the more the sugar level, the more it will circulate to our mouth and more will be the plaque formation .

Gum Diseases – 

Gum disease is also known as Gingivitis . This happens due to a weak immune system when our body is unable to fight various viruses and Bacteria .

What are the Serious Health Issues of Diabetes ?

When an individual is diabetic, then his/her immune system is weak and can’t fight the bacteria present in the Plaque .

Slowly, this plaque will harden which is known as Dental calculus, which affects our tooth base and results in gum bleeding and swelling up .

Thrush –

A special type of yeast known as Candida Albicans which gets involved with bacteria sometimes and causes infection Known as thrush and diabetic people are more prone to it .

Xerostomia –

Xerostomia is the moth disorder due to diabetes  in which the mouth dries up extremely and unable to produce saliva which means plaque will stitch to our teeth for long and decay our teeths .

Diabetes and Vision Problems

Diabetes can badly affect your vision resulting in blurred vision and Blindness .

Hyperglycemia –

It can be caused when the body can’t produce enough insulin and glucose starts to accumulate in the blood . If this high glucose level in the blood is not treated properly it can result in blindness .

Glaucoma – 

Glaucoma is the eye condition in which the optic nerve is damaged due to pressure and high glucose level in blood . Diabetic patients are more at risk of Glaucoma .

What are the Serious Health Issues of Diabetes ?

Macular edema –

High sugar levels in our blood can damage the macula which is the central part of our retina that helps in getting sharp and focused vision of any object .

With high sugar, the macula gets swollen and fluid starts to leak causing the shape of the lens to change and slowly can cause permanent blindness if left untreated for a long time .

Healthy and Friendly Breakfast For Diabetic Peoples

Breakfast is the most crucial part of the whole day and when it comes to diabetic people it’s a must to have a wholesome breakfast and not to skip them .

Here are some ideas of healthy breakfast :-

What are the Serious Health Issues of Diabetes ?
  1. Smoothies –

You can choose banana, low fat yoghurt, some nuts and oats for blend . This will be your perfect blend for breakfast .

  1. Oats –

Oats are great for diabetic people as they are nutritious and have low glycemic index . Oats can be taken with hot water or milk .

  1. Eggs –

Eggs are also good as they are rich in protein and other nutrients value. They also have the low glycemic index .

  1. Fruits – 

Fruits are the great choice for a diabetic individual as they have a high amount of fiber and they don’t spike your sugar levels . Remember to avoid fruit juice as they contain m,,ostly of Carbohydrates .

Take apple , papaya, citrus fruits and above .

  1. Salads and Rotis – 

Choice tomatoes, onion, cabbage, cucumbers for salads.

Instead of going for wheat rotis go for bajra rotis as it will be much healthier .

So these are some serious health issues of Diabetes and you must treat your diabetes as soon as possible to prevent these health issues. 

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