What is Back Pain? Back pain Causes and Treatment

Nowadays BackPain is the common problem that 90 % of people around the world are suffering from. Back Pain is not a health disorder but it is the indication of Several other health problems in our body.

The human back is composed of several muscles, bones, nerves,  Tendons, Ligaments, and several complex  Joints.

When there is any rupture or torn and tear in these parts we feel back pain.

Back Pain can also be caused due to the nearby organs to your spine such as the Kidneys. 

Our right kidney is located a little lower than the left one hence making it more likely to cause back pain. When there is an infection, irritation, or any kind of inflammation it will cause Back Pain.

Back Pain is of two types:-

  1. Acute Back pain – 

Acute Back Pain is the short-term pain that lasts a few days or weeks and eventually can be treated with self-care or with help of some over-the-counter pain killer medicines.

  1. Chronic Back Pain – 

It is the long-term Back Pain that can take several weeks or even years for the symptoms to disappear.

 In most cases, it can’t be treated with self-care. You have to consult with doctors for the treatment.

In some people, Acute Back Pain gradually gets converted to Chronic Back Pain. 

Back Pain does not always mean there are underlying medical symptoms. It can be caused by daily activities such as your job, exercise, sitting and sleeping posture,  your sports activities, or any other past history.

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What Can Cause Back Pain 

There are many factors that can cause lower Back pain which can be due to some medically underlying causes or non-medical causes. Out of which few causes are mentioned below.

  1. Injuries –
  • Injuries can be of different types. You can suffer from lower back pain due to injuries in your back muscle that can be for your overstretched or torn ligaments and there can be tears in tendons or muscles.
  • Physical injuries can be due to sports activities, daily life activities, or accidents. In these cases, if your ligaments, tendons, or spine discs are ruptured that can cause lower back pain.
  1. Degenerative Problems
  • Vertebral Disc degeneration occurs when the discs get ruptured and lose their cushion ability and flexibility. These problems come generally due to aging.
  • Spondylosis occurs when there is a problem in the spine especially when there is a rupture in the discs, joints, and bones associated with spines. This problem comes generally with aging.
  • Arthritis includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis or when there is an inflammation in the vertebrae.
  1. Nerves and Spinal Cord Problems
  • Osteoporosis – In this condition, the bone density decreases and it reduces bone strength which leads to pain in vertebrae.
  • Ruptured Discs – It happens in old age mostly when the intervertebral discs are much compressed.
  • Sciatica – This type of back pain occurs when the sciatic never that travels straight from our buttock to the back of our leg gets pressed by something.

Back pain can also be caused by the Spinal nerve injury or inflammation or it can be due to an infection that involves your vertebrae.

Risk Factor that can Develop Back Pain

Anyone at any age and anytime can experience Back Pain. Here are some factors that can contribute to developing Back Pain.

  • Age – Age is the most common factor that contributes to developing Back Pain. With age, people lose bone strength, muscle and tissue flexibility. In some people there can be fluid loss from the intervertebral disc. With age, Osteoporosis can develop which leads to back pain.
  • Fitness level – A person with weak abdominal and back muscles can develop back pain. As weak abdominal and back muscles are not good at supporting the Spine. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise daily.
  • Obesity – Being overweight, obese, or gaining a significant amount of weight in a short period of time can put some unwanted stress on our spine that can develop lower back pain.
  • Job – Related – In some kind of job that includes heavy lifting or pushing/pulling activities that include much of spinal activities can put on extra stress on our spine that can result in Lower back pain. 
  • Genetics – In some people there can be some kind of Arthritis that can involve genetic factors that cause back pain.
  • Health Issues – Some people have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, can experience back pain as in these cases there is a difficulty in blood flow to vertebral discs.

Treatment of Back Pain 

Back Pain can be treated medically or at Home by Self-care. It is usually recommended that by self-care if there is no improvement in 72 hours you should consult with your Doctor. 

  • Home Care –

Home Care or self-care includes the following treatment for improving back pain –

  1. Stop all the physical activities for at least 72 hours.
  2. Apply Ice and Heat on your back.
  3. Gentle stretching of your back muscle ( if recommended by the doctor)
  4. Take over-the-counter pain killer medicine such as ibuprofen and naproxen to relieve pain.
  5. Change your sleep pattern and the Surface on which you are sleeping.
  6. You can also use some topical pain relief gels, creams, or spray to relax your back muscle.

After following all these methods if there is no improvement in your back pain then you need to consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Medical Treatment –

Your medical treatments can include various methods to improve back pain.

  1. Prescribed muscle relaxants.
  2. Some narcotic drugs such as Oxycodone.
  3. Steroids or corticosteroid injections.
  4. Blood test for any infection, inflammation, or any kind of arthritis that include genetics.
  5. X-ray for broken or injured vertebrae.

When all these medical methods fail then it can come to the surgery in a few extreme cases. Surgery is included when there is some serious musculoskeletal damage or nerve injuries or compression.

How to Prevent Back Pain

There are many ways by which back pain can be prevented. Here are some ways that have been given that can help you.

  1. Exercise regularly to strengthen your core and back muscle.
  2. Quit smoking and alcohol intake.
  3. Reduce Weight.
  4. Maintain proper posture.
  5. Avoid Heavy Lifting.
  6. Always low heel shoes.
  7. Sleep on firm surfaces.

Always talk with your doctor for proper treatment of your back pain.

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