Ramadan Fasting – Diet, Supplements, and workout tips

This article is especially for all the Muslim people out there who are following the holiest month of the year “RAMADAN”. Here in this article we will discuss about the diet plans, supplementation and workout tips that will help you to continue with your fat loss and muscle building programs without affecting it.


This month is a little bit tough for those who are following the Muscle building program.

But Ramadan month can be beneficial for those who want to lose fats. All you need is to follow a strict diet plan.

For Fat Loss

Most people make the mistake of comparing Ramadan fasting with intermittent fasting. 

Do not compare this month with your normal 12 hours of fasting as in this period you can’t even drink water in your fasting period. So you have to be very selective about your foods and should plan your diet smartly.

In these months the food that is being cooked at home is very delicious but they are high in calories , salt and sugar. 

Calories are high means it will accumulate fats , sugar and salt level high means it will increase water retention in your body.

So, if you are not selective for your food at this time it can lead to break your fasting or your fat loss goals are going to be affected.

Always try to consume low calories food and also food low in sugar and salt.

Try to avoid high-intensity cardio workouts and go for normal jogging, cycling, or skipping. For fat loss there are 11 months left, no miracle will happen to you in this one month. 

So, don’t go for anything intense it will do no good for you instead hamper your health.

Ramadan Fasting - Diet, Supplements, and workout tips

Muscle building programs

In this case, there is one suggestion instead of focusing on muscle growth focus on muscle maintenance in this Ramadan month.

You are already in a calorie deficit this month and if you try to do intense workout instead of gaining you will end with losing muscles.

Don’t take off from the gym instead make your workout time short. Go to the gym and workout for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes.

In this short period of time only focus on Compound movements as you can target whole parts in a short time. 

Try avoiding heavy weight workouts and focus on maximum reputation and intensity.

Coming to Diet, you can include simple carbohydrate food with some proteins in your pre workout meal. 

Post Workout meals can also be taken as your pre workout meal with simple carbohydrate and protein.

Avoid high sugar and salt foods, reason as mentioned earlier in this article.

Now, below mentioned things are important for both who are willing to lose fat and gain muscle.

  1. Focus on intake of green vegetables as they contain adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.
  2. Hydration – Hydration is very much important in this period as you are going to fast without even drinking a single drop of water for more than 10 to 12 hours. So when your fasting ends try drinking as much water as you can cause not drinking adequate amounts will affect your health and body function. Also, you can add Coconut water, it will be much more beneficial.
  3. Sleep – This very crucial part of recovery and achieving any kind of fitness goal.
Ramadan Fasting - Diet, Supplements, and workout tips


  1. Whey Protein – This supplement can be included in your post and pre workout meal.
  2. BCAAs and Multivitamins – BCAAs helps in protein synthesis and to preserve muscle mass. 

Multivitamins to be included in your diet as you cant intake every vitamin and mineral from the diet in a short span of time.

BCAAs and Multivitamins can be included in both fat loss and muscle building programs. 

  1. Casein Protein – This supplement will be more beneficial if you take this with some complex carbohydrate food just before your fasting starts as it’s going to help you for 8 to 9 hours in your fasting period.

So this was the overview conceptual article for Ramadan month for all the Muslim people following their holiest month of the year.

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