Natural Fruit Juice Vs Packed Juices – Which is healthy?

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Fruit Juice Lover? Love to have a Glass full of fruits juice every time? Before that, you must know how healthy is your fruit juices are. 

You have heard Natural fruits are very much beneficial for us to keep our body healthy and fit.

As they are rich in many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers. But here the question comes, do these fruit juices are really healthy for us?

Here in this article, you will know the reality of natural fruit juices and Packed juices that are available in the markets.

Natural Fruit Juices

Whenever we are making Fruit Juice in our home we have to take at least 5 to 6 fruits to make a glass of Juice (100ml to 250ml). 

When we collect that juice and throw away that leftover, we are actually throwing the vital nutrients, different vitamins, and minerals, and the dietary fibers contained in it.

Fruit Juice contains little nutrients and a high amount of natural sugars and calories.

When fiber is thrown away it actually maximizes the glycemic index of that juice which when you are consuming is going to spike up your blood sugar levels rapidly.

( Dietary fibers helps to maintain the good health of our entire digestive system)

Fruit Juice

Now, WHO recommends the daily sugar intake can be a maximum of 30 grams. 

When we are taking 5 to 6 fruits only to make 250 ml of fruit juice it already contains 35 to 40 grams of natural sugars.

Now if we are consuming 35 to 40 grams of sugars only from fruit juices, we also need to take our other meals throughout the whole day and we will also be getting some amount of sugar from that meals.

So, when we are going to make some average calculation of our sugar intake during the whole day we will see that we are exceeding almost 50 grams of sugar.

If we are going to continue this for a longer period of time it is going to affect our blood sugar level very badly and further chances are high that we are going to suffer from type 2 diabetes or obesity.

One more disadvantage that comes with these fruit juices is their Fructose levels.

The sugar that we are getting from fruits is Fructose. 

Now, what happens is a little amount of fructose is going to convert into glucose and our body uses it as energy and the rest is going to store in our liver as fat.

When we are consuming excess fruit juices daily, we are going to get non-alcoholic fatty liver which is caused because of this high fructose.

Packed Fruit Juices

Now coming to packed fruit juices that are available at the market.

As per the Indian market “REAL” fruit juice is quite popular here. It comes in different quantities.

For example, in a 250 ml pouch the approx. ingredients in 100 ml are 

  1. Energy – 55 calories
  2. Added Sugar – 11.5 grams
  3. Natural Sugar – 2.5 grams

Now, these fruit juices that are available in the market have processed sugar (Added sugar) almost 12 grams and the natural sugar is nearly 3 grams.

Now, the recommendation by WHO of daily sugar intake as mentioned earlier should be no more than 30 grams per day.

But here you see, you are already consuming nearly 30 grams of sugar from a small pouch. 

(Added sugars mean processed sugars are harmful to our health when taken in excess)

When we are consuming this packet of fruit juices, there are no vital nutrients, vitamins, or dietary fibers present in it. We are only getting a bunch of calories and sugars and nothing else.

The juices that we made in our home using natural fruits, there we at least get the natural sugar but here you are only getting processed sugars.

Differents types of flavors are added to them that’s why they taste good. 

Especially, in summer what happens when we go outdoor and when the temperature goes up to our body’s sugar craving also increases, and to fulfill that craving we consume 2 to 3 pouches of these juices.

Now you see if you are getting almost 30 grams of sugar from one single small pouch just imagine how much sugar you will be getting from 2 to 3 pouches.

These companies claim their products are healthy for us but they are not at all healthy.

Read the nutrition label provided on the pouch and you will know how much it is healthy.


It’s OK to have a glass of fruit juice sometimes but not on regular basis.

If you love to have fruits daily, it will be much healthier for you to consume whole fruits because here you will be getting all the nutrients available and moreover it’s not going to affect your blood sugar level.

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