4 Useless Supplements – Stop Wasting Your Money Buying them

Nowadays in the market, there are a variety of supplements available but you need not buy each one of them. 

Not every supplement out there is a good and effective one. Most of them are sold on basis of their huge marketing. 

There are supplement companies and people selling products that have no scientific backing to show their effectiveness. They’re counting on people’s naivety and desperation for results to sell their products.

Don’t simply go with the flow and stop believing in the hype.


I’m sure many of you reading will have taken some kind of supplement, whether it be a shake, pill, or magic potion, that has guaranteed to make all your hopes and dreams come true.

At the very least give you the body of your dreams in no more than a few weeks. I know I certainly have and on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately, this will never be the case.

So, 4 Useless Supplements:

  1. Fat Burner Supplements – 

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is – and that’s certainly the case with fat burners.

Looking at the ingredients, however, you’ll see that most fat burners ‘work’ by using high levels of caffeine, which gives two side effects:

Boosted energy levels and a suppressed appetite.

Essentially, fat burners are likely to make you move more and eat a little less, increasing your chances of creating a calorific deficit.

To be fair, this sounds great in theory, but here’s the thing:

You can get the same effects by drinking a coffee or two to boost energy levels, eating a high protein diet to help with feelings of satiety, and maintaining a calorie-controlled diet to help create a calorie deficit.

  1. Mass Gainer – 

Now, this is the supplement that I hate from the bottom of my heart. The reason? 

It’s useless to the core. You’re just paying for the powdered form of carbohydrates and fats which can easily be consumed via delicious food items like bananas, icecreams, and pancakes. 

Supplement Company claims that mass gainers magically increase your muscle mass and weight.

But the reality is that it provides you with extra calories in a powdered form which can easily be consumed via normal food. So invest wisely without wasting money

  1. BCSS – 

Branched-chain amino acids are fast becoming a must-have supplement in many gym bags around the world – however, there’s little to no evidence yet that actually shows the supplement has any benefits.

BCAA is made up of three proteins: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine – all of which can be found in high-protein foods.

The chances are, if you’re supplementing with BCAA to help build muscle, it’s likely you’ll already be eating a high-protein diet, rendering the BCAA supplement pretty pointless.

Not only can you obtain BCAAs easily through food but study after study has shown using the supplement has no beneficial effects on muscle performance, muscle mass, anaerobic performance, or reducing muscle soreness.

  1. CLA –

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is sold with the claim of helping people to lose their body weight but in reality, the research studies have no evidence of such claims.

In research, it has been found that the animals in those research studies were performed shown fat loss results but in humans, there is no such evidence.

CLA on other hand can give you serious health issues such as Liver Damage.

These Supplements are sold only on the Basis of Hype created and a strong Marketing Process.


Surajit Jana.

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